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  • Price:$700/Paper
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Buy ETH-LAD Blotter Online From Hong Kong
ETH-LAD, 6-ethyl-6-nor-methyl ergoyl diethylamine is an analog of LSD. ETH-LAD is a LSD-like psychedelic drug that is slightly more potent than LSD itself and has an active dose of 20 to 150 micrograms. The influence of ETH-LAD on LSD is slightly different, and the description is not high.
ETH-LAD blotter is our choice of ETH-LAD as the main raw material production, we can customize different doses of paper according to the different needs of customers, and at the same time need The pattern can also be provided to us.
Dosage: 100μG
Size: 15 Tags X 15 Tags
Paper: 225 Tags

Buy ETH-LAD Blotter Online From Hong Kong
Buy ETH-LAD Blotter Online From Hong Kong

We will make ETH-LAD blotter paper according to your requirements.
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